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During our travels, the Indians entertained me well; and their affection for me was so great, that they utterly refused to leave me there with the others, although the Governor offered them one hundred pounds sterling for me, on purpose to give me a parole to go home.

—Daniel Boone (by Chester Harding, 1820; Public Domain)

…Daniel Boone was quite a character in American history. This portrait of him was done in 1820, when he was 84 years old.

As for the quote, Boone was commenting on his February, 1778 capture by a group of Shawnees who were backing the British in the war. Boone pretended to be friendly with his captors, even becoming the adopted son of Shawnee chief Blackfish.

In June, Boone was able to escape the camp, traveling 160 miles in four days to warn the residents of Boonesborough (KY) that the Shawnees planned to decimate the town. The siege took place at the end of summer, lasting nine days. The settlers were able to hold the attacking party off—despite being outnumbered—thanks to Boone’s early warning.

—MSH, Penn Wealth


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A Perspective on Age

I don’t believe one grows older. I think that what happens…is that at a certain age one stands still and stagnates.

Eliot, T.S., 1934, PD

— T.S. Eliot (Public Domain)

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You and I must not complain if our plans break down if we have done our part. That probably means that the plans of One who knows more than we do have succeeded.

Hale, Edward E, pd see file

— Edward E. Hale (Public domain)

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Some people bear three kinds of trouble—all they ever had, all they have now, and all they expect to have.

Hale, Edward E, pd see file

—Edward E. Hale (Public domain)

…Worry comes “naturally” to some people. Anguishing over our past decisions and troubles; uneasiness about where we are now; apprehension about what might happen in the future. As if those negative thoughts weren’t bad enough in the way they affect our psyche, they also tend to prevent us from taking the action we need to take right now to assure a brighter tomorrow.

The unexpected comes at all of us; the difference is in the way we react. If our automatic response is to lament our past, present, and future troubles, we need to change our perspective. That begins with the realization that God throws these specific situations at us for a reason. It is a test, and the first part of the test is how we immediately respond.

Get in the habit of smiling after being hit with a surprise. Instead of allowing your mind to be taken to a dark place, pull up a set of positive affirmations and take a minute to review them. Most importantly, keep moving forward. Push forward with the daily actions needed to move you closer to your goals. If our mind is occupied with the task at hand, it cannot simultaneously focus on dark thoughts.

Write the challenge down and set it aside. Come back to it from time to time while taking breaks and jot down possible solutions. By remaining as positive as possible, not lumping in past challenges or worrying about the future, we can most effectively deal with what is in front of us.



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Long stormy springtime, wet contentious April, winter chilling the lap of very May; but at length the season of summer does come.

Carlyle, Thomas pc Eliott & Fry Ph

—Thomas Carlyle (Eliott & Fry Photography)

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Winners have the ability to step back from the canvas of their lives like an artist gaining perspective. They make their lives a work of art – an individual masterpiece.

Waitley, Denis

—Denis Waitley

…Your perspective directly controls your mental state. Change your perspective and you can instantly transport your mind from one mental state to another of your choosing!


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I was happy in the midst of dangers and inconveniences.

Boone, Daniel

—Daniel Boone…

Perspective is the most incredible mental tool. It can, and will, determine your state of mind. Why are some, who seemingly have nothing, so content and happy; while others, who have the world at their beck and call, find themselves depressed? It is their perspective that makes all the difference!

Think back to a time or a specific situation, perhaps a few decades old, in which you felt sadness or despair. Re-live it in your mind. What if you could be transported back to that time, knowing what you now know. Do you feel the same about your circumstances this time around? It is all perspective. That magical word which allowed Viktor Frankl to survive the holocaust. That terrible word which led a famous and wealthy actor to take his or her life. Perspective.

Want a new perspective on today? Dwell on the fact that life is eternal, and God permeates our being. Everything we do today, no matter how small, has some impact on our souls as we move forward. Time is not linear; everything in time is connected. In the words of T.S. Eliot, “I had seen birth and death but had thought they were different.”


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