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There are few remedies for anxiety and depression more potent than continuous, focused action toward a dynamic and inspirational goal.

— Mike Hazell (Image Licensed by Penn Wealth)

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Life is very short and anxious for those who forget the past, neglect the present, and fear the future.

—Seneca the Younger (4 BC-65 AD, Advisor to Nero; Public Domain)

Anxiety is one of life’s great evils. It not only leads to an early demise, it chases happiness away from us in a chronic, relentless manner. Most try to hide their anxiety, with success to varying degrees. But for many, perhaps most, it is always there, like a ball and chain that restricts our freedom of movement.

Anxiety, however, is simply a state of mind. More precisely, it is a condition that seeps into several dark states of mind, from fear and apprehension, to sadness and melancholy. But here’s the wonderful news: we control our states of mind!

Recognizing that this ugly little creature called anxiety has seeped into our thought patterns, affecting our clarity and our well-being, is the first step towards eliminating it. Personify it. See it for what it is: a dark object constantly chasing happiness from our minds. Once we quantify this condition, we move it out of the shadows and into the light of day where we can attack it.

Our spiritual foundation is the ultimate weapon against anxiety. Realizing that we were put here for a purpose and understanding that all we encounter in life had to be, we can see and feel the anxiety begin to melt away. Instead of lamenting past missteps, we now realize that everything in our past was put there to guide us into a brighter future. So, we take a deep breath, look at this pathetic anxiety in front of us, and we move forward; fully embracing the day and with a new excitement for our future.

—Mike Hazell, Penn Wealth

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There are good and bad times, but our mood changes more often than our fortune.

Carlyle, Thomas pc Eliott & Fry Ph

—Thomas Carlyle (By Eliott & Fry Photography)

…The importance of learning to control our states of mind, developing that wonderful ability to move from one state to another at will, cannot be overemphasized. Think of it! Being able to move from sadness to joy, or from loathing to gratitude, discounting external forces, can quite literally change the level of happiness within our lives!


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Melancholy and sadness are the start of doubt… doubt is the beginning of despair; despair is the cruel beginning of the differing degrees of wickedness.

Despair, 1894 by Edvard Munch

—Comte de Lautreamont

(Photo: Despair, Edvard Munch, 1894)

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It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.


—Epictetus, Greek Philosopher, 55 AD – 135 AD

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I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself.  For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.








–Martha Washington

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