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Know how to listen, and you will profit even from those who talk badly.



…Way too often, as we are listening to others speak, we are so focused on how we will respond that we miss the message being sent; and quite often, that message is something very different than what was actually said.

Intuitive listening is a skill, and developing that skill can reap great rewards. As part of my profession, I have one of the three major financial networks on for ten straight hours each business day. One side benefit of this has been the ability to gauge what “experts” say against what really happens six months or a year down the road, and how these same speakers respond after the fact. Sadly, so much of what they say is tainted by their own belief system, either subconsciously or, in some instances, purposefully.

Develop the ability to listen critically to others with an open mind. Don’t accept what you hear as fact; rather, try to understand their motives and the belief system behind their words. Once you develop this ability, you will actually be able to predict what someone is going to say before the words leave their mouth. And that keen insight can be a powerful tool for you to have as you move forward towards your own objectives in life.

MSH, Penn Wealth

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