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Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.

Shaw, George Bernard

—George Bernard Shaw

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It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.


—William Shakespeare

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The glory of Christianity is to conquer by forgiveness.


—William Blake

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I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.


—Alexander the Great

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Jefferson on Attitude

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

Jefferson_ Thomas

—Thomas Jefferson

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Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.

Roosevelt, Theodore

—Theodore Roosevelt

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As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.

Thoreau_Henry David

—Henry David Thoreau

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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.


—Friedrich Nietzsche

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Adventure upon all the tickets in the lottery, and you lose for certain; and the greater the number of your tickets the nearer your approach to this certainty.


—Adam Smith

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A man in debt is so far a slave.


—Ralph Waldo Emerson

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